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There is something invigorating about finding an artwork that resonates with you. The subject matter, the color palette, the medium, how is it that an artist was able to so perfectly capture a feeling in 2 or 3 dimensional work? There isn’t always a chance to meet an artist and for global collectors that opportunity becomes increasingly more difficult. With documentary filmmaking we can bridge that gap and give collectors and viewers an insight into the mind of the artist, why they work in their medium, their background, and why the artist does what they do.

What We Do.

We are a team of filmmakers who create short documentary films about Artists for the Web and Social Media. Our films typically run 3-5 minutes and give potential buyers, and interested parties, a chance to get to know their favorite artist a little better.

How We Can Help.

If you have an artist with an upcoming show, is regularly being asked about by collectors, or you are looking for an easier way to get interested parties more thrilled about the artists work, then we can help. We can be reached for consultation on the sorts of films (and related content) that we can produce for you and your gallery.

"To whom it may concern: Sean Thomas and Lamia Lazrak worked as a team to photograph and video tape me at my studio home on the coast of Maine for use by the Portland Art Gallery.

They are very professional yet easy going and very friendly and very good to work to ideas and suggestions and also making good suggestions as to subject, point of view, location, etc. Besides the video they did of me, I have also seen most if not all the other videos that they have done for the Portland Art Gallery: They are an impressive and effective set of video interviews. I certainly would recommend their professional approach to other galleries. The video pieces will be well done and the whole idea or concept of these video interviews are an effective way of presenting an artist and his or her work. The videos were also done in a timely matter. I highly recommend this video team. "

-William M. Crosby (Bill) artist

"Lamia and Sean spent several days at my sheep farm in Hollis shooting a short film for Portland Art Gallery. They then came back a few weeks later during lambing and shearing to harvest more material.

I am a photographer and a shepherdess, Lamia and Sean captured what goes on here on the farm, and with me, in a beautiful, sensitive way. Connecting the dots in a manner that only true artists dedicated to their craft could do. "

-Nina Fuller

“Sean and Lamia make a great team and their photography and video work speaks for itself in terms of quality and professionalism. They understand the importance of documenting the artistic process and are adept with interviewing and can put the artist at ease to get the most natural footage. Sean interviewed me and photographed me in my studio and put together a video that has been essential for promotion. I own an art gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine, and I can’t recommend them more”

-Deborah Randall, Deborah Randall Fine Art

Eric Hopkins

We asked Maine artist Eric Hopkins, “What do you do and why do you do it?” To find the answer, we journeyed to the island of North Haven. We visited his floating studio, got a birds eye view of the islands that inspire him, discussed his life and work, and watched him create. Follow along with us as we explore one of Maine’s most beautiful coastal locations, and take an intimate look at the artistic process of one of our state’s most beloved artists.

Gary Akers

On the picturesque St. George peninsula on the midcoast of Maine, Kentucky based artist Gary Akers has spent a considerable amount of his career focusing his southern vision on the landscape. Join us as we visit Gary in his home away from home as find what inspires him.

Nina Fuller

This short documentary features the work, the life and the journey of Maine photographer Nina Fuller.

Jane Dahmen

"Everywhere I go, when I walk out the door, I see paintings." Meet Jane M Dahmen, an artist known for her depictions of birch trees and the Maine woods. We visited her beautiful studio in Newcastle, ME to discuss her work.

Sonya Sklaroff

Sonya Sklaroff's art shows us the beauty around us that we do not notice, snippets of everyday life that we so often overlook in. Her paintings beg us to stop for a moment to revel in the mundane. Sonya Sklaroff, a RISD graduate live and works in New York City, painting the water towers and creating live sketches that in themselves are amazing works of art.

Jill Hoy

Jill Hoy has been visiting the Stonington region of Maine since she was a child and that storied past has grown into a full blow love for the region. Her vibrant landscape paintings truly capture the beauty in the found landscape and the wonders of the world around us.

"In June of 2018, I had the pleasure of working with Sean Thomas and Lamia Lazrak on a short video documenting my artistic process. I am a Maine landscape painter who works primarily outdoors, so Sean and Lamia proposed two filming sessions for the project. The first was in my studio, a controlled environment where Lamia asked me thoughtful and thorough questions while Sean filmed. In the second session, Sean followed me into the field as I painted on location at the ocean’s edge, a dynamic and unpredictable environment. The footage was artfully combined to create a video that accurately and effectively reflects my approach to painting. In short, it feels “true,” and I feature it prominently on my website. This satisfying result was achieved through Sean and Lamia’s blend of careful planning and spontaneity; their balance of know-how and curiosity. From start to finish, the project was an honest dialogue between artists, and I came away with great respect for Sean and Lamia and their craft."

-Matthew Russ

"...[Sean] and Lamia make quite a team. Very professional. All much appreciated, as creating that positive footing, and the sales that have followed, are as much as I could have hoped for.

Again, many thanks, and I know your effort and creativity will do well as you continue in your endeavors."


John Gable

Lamia and Sean make an exceptional team to work with. They ask great questions and are flowing in their approach to the given moment and input. They work collaboratively with their subject. I love the film they created on me. It captures me dimensionally, in a full range, as well as the place I work from, in a brief 3 minutes or so, edited down from a substantial body of material. They didn’t put their agenda over on me, but were guiding and inquisitive when needed. A total pleasure of expertise is available in this duo.”

-Jill Hoy

Lamia behind the scenes with North Haven, Maine based artist Eric Hopkins aboard his floating studio the "Athena".

Behind the scenes, and the camera, with NYC based artist Sonya Sklaroff in her Soho based studio.

Behind the scenes with Stonington, Maine based artist Jill Hoy in her gallery.

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We'd love to talk to you about your Artists, Brand, Rates, and how to reach your audience through Visual Storytelling.

Let us know who you are, who the artist in question is, and what aspirations you have with a video.

All the best,

-Sean Thomas & Lamia Lazrak

Lamia Lazrak is a Franco-Moroccan, American born filmmaker raised in Marrakech, Morocco.

She likes to tell real human stories that have the power to excite us about the world we live in.

Lamia fell in love with documentary the moment she realized there could never be a shortage of incredible and moving stories. She believes that everyone around us has a story to tell or at least has some version, angle or piece of an amazing untold story.

Sean Thomas is a Maine raised cinematographer and photographer. He has based his life around his trades and passions and loves finding new stories in unexpected places.

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