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  1. Ellohbee “Fuck yo Couch tour” Savannah

    2015-10-24 19:50:00 UTC
    Met up with Ellohbee last night to check out the first stop on their new tour. Shout out to Techno Chapel for hosting the event.  40-Mid on the beat Dave getting CD’s ready to go. 40-Mid on the beat Kymcci 40-mid and Carter holding it down Big$z Kymcci

  2. Ellohbee vol. 2

    2015-10-23 21:47:00 UTC
    Met up with the Ellohbee crew again as they gathered more clips for Kira.Kokoro’s track “Break your wrist”. Check out the shots and the track 

  3. On location with Ellohbee

    2015-10-17 18:24:00 UTC
    As a part of a new documentary i’ve been putting together on rap music in Savannah, I found myself at a shoot for a music video by local group Ellohbee. The shoot was for a track called Satellite Bitch performed by Ellohbee member Kymcci. Check the track and the shots…

  4. Andrews Graduation 2015

    2015-10-12 20:25:58 UTC

  5. Part 1: The C-41 Process

    2015-10-12 20:25:53 UTC
    Hi All and welcome to part 1 of a three part series documenting the process of getting your 35mm, 120mm, 4x5, 8x10, and 11x14 (I know there’s at least someone crazy enough to try it out there) from the spool or box to a final finished print.In this installment I…

  6. Dope Sandwich: 10th Birthday party

    2015-09-20 18:38:00 UTC
    Friday the 18th marked the 10th Birthday of local rap label Dope Sandwich. To celebrate they decided to bring the whole collective together in one blowout show. If you don’t know the music be sure to check it out at Joe Solo opened up the night Valore KNife getting…

  7. Cape Cod League Baseball

    2015-09-18 20:01:00 UTC
    A few months ago I found myself in Cape Cod experiencing some fine American summer living and became resolute on the thought that the great american vacation wouldn’t be complete without the great American past time Unfortunately the home team (Commodores) but all in all it was a great game.Falmouth…

  8. SAV muted

    2015-05-11 18:02:00 UTC
    Rented a Canon 5DMKI over the weekend as a backup camera for a shoot that fell through. Instead, brought it out around town to mess around with. Images shot with canon 35mm f/2

  9. Natural

    2015-05-11 17:30:00 UTC

  10. Black & Blue

    2015-04-17 19:25:14 UTC
    With all the projects I’ve been working on this quarter, shooting has taken the backseat in my weekly to-do list. Having said that I was more than excited to do some shooting with friend and model Jaz Solana and her friend Grant Furton. Cross Shot with Nikon D800 24-70, 80-200,

  11. Walks

    2015-04-14 00:33:00 UTC
    Misty Evening Mountains, Sending shivers through my spine, From highway to wooded trail, Rarely walked about this time, I carried my heavy burden, To capture what hath been sewn, So I walk these near lost places, But I never walk alone. My workhorse at Popham Beach, Maine, Capturing the second…

  12. 30 Seconds on Bourbon St.

    2015-04-10 19:35:00 UTC
    I’ve been trying to get to these since classes started back up and finally had the chance to. Over spring break (along with a group of other SCAD students) I made my way to New Orleans for the national SPE (Society for Photographic Educators)  conference. The conference was a blast…

  13. Winter Slides

    2015-02-28 19:23:00 UTC
    Thought i’d post something colorful on this dreary day. This hasn’t been my first time shooting color positive film but it was the first time I actually sent it off for E-6 processing rather than cross processing in C-41. I have to say, i’m happy I finally did it. Frames…

  14. The Georgia Day Parade

    2015-02-19 03:46:00 UTC
    I was heading home through Forsyth Park from class today when I realized there was an abundance of children decked out in Pilgrim and Indian garb. Luckily I had my camera packed and ready to go to follow the Parade that I hadn’t heard of. A quick walk from the…

  15. Providence Canyon

    2015-02-16 19:32:00 UTC
    Tucked into the southwest corner of Georgia, and a short 20 minute drive from the Alabama border lies one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia. Known to some as the “Little Grand Canyon” Providence Canyon has been an attraction and a wonder since it’s avoidable creation.

  16. MLK Day Parade 2015

    2015-01-27 15:13:29 UTC
    Last week was the first MLK Day Parade in Savannah I’ve had the opportunity to get out and photograph. A seemingly endless procession of floats, tour buses, and walking groups. I think it’s safe to say that characters of all types can agree that the third Monday of each year…

  17. Polaroid Vol. 1

    2015-01-22 04:01:00 UTC
    A collection of frames since acquiring an sx-70 last summer.

  18. Arsenic Spring 2014

    2015-01-22 03:59:31 UTC
    Getting this one here for the sake of the matter. The Arsenic spring 2014 lookbook.

  19. Arsenic Fall 2014

    2014-12-05 03:58:39 UTC
    Shot this lookbook for Arsenic Apparel last August finally had time to release it on the site. Based out of Albany, NY check them out for headwear, tall tees, sweatshirts, and other ski and skateboard related apparel. And be on the lookout for the impending winter line Check em out…

  20. 10 Years of Nike Design

    2014-11-28 17:08:47 UTC
    Sneakers have been an interest of mine for a few years now and when I saw the opportunity to shoot them in my own light I couldn’t resist. Working with an idea of motion, or graphics physically related to the sneaker (or it’s heritage), 10 years covers the progression of…

  21. Black & White Final

    2014-11-25 14:24:00 UTC
    Apart from shooting in the studio I spent a good portion of the semester shooting, printing, and sequencing a body of work about Savannah. In Final Print form

  22. The End of Fall

    2014-11-21 18:28:20 UTC
    Yesterday was the last day of finals for the fall semester and after 2 critiques and a group gallery opening (hope you got to see the work!) I’m excited to share what I made. Over the next few days i’ll be posting my projects (as well as updating various parts…

  23. Acadia 2014

    2014-11-19 08:13:23 UTC
    I need to be more on top of these posts. Acadia has practically become a family tradition at this point. Nothing quite like hiking and taking in the summer. Brought my camera along for the ride and caught a few frames.

  24. The Plastic Fantastic

    2014-11-07 15:45:47 UTC
    A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to take the Mamiya 7-II out for a spin with the 80mm f/4 lens. Frames from Skidaway Island and downtown Savannah.

  25. Cape Romain preserve

    2014-10-27 01:47:22 UTC
    Went on a little bit of a road trip this last weekend to get out of savannah for a few and to grab some shots of places unseen. Was messing around with a new camera (to me) the Sigma DP2.

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