Hopkins Corridor Project

Earlier this year I found myself working as a media team member for 21st Century Learning Centers of Savannah and as luck would have it while on assignment at a local middle school documenting the 21st Century music class, I was approached by one of my bosses. After seeing my camera and putting two and two together, he asked if I would be interested in teaching the medium to Middle school students at a different location. I immediately agreed to the position and began my task of laying out the groundwork for my first ever teach position. 

In retrospective, it was 2 and a half months that was well worthwhile. Working with the students of Derenne Middle School was an experience I won’t soon forget and hope to one day experience again. With the class completed and the work collected I’m proud to showcase the work they created in the space below. From it’s inception to it’s final show it has been an incredible experience to work with the students and the school system in Savannah, GA. I hope you enjoy the work the students created. 


Behind The Scenes: By Myself

Photos by the students. While working with the students we went over the basics of the camera, the medium, and lighting. Armed wit half a dozen full manual point and shoot cameras students worked solo and as teams to complete shots and see how the lens truly works. 

For it’s finale, my photography students had their work exhibited in The Welmont gallery in Savannah alongside drawings by Myers Middle School students, and a video by Beech High School students. The three projects were all constructed under the umbrella “Hopkins Corridor Project” (Named after the area and street the three schools exist in). 

It was exciting to work with the students and to cultivate a plan for the “Quarter” that would teach them enough about the medium to utilize it in their exceedingly image based future. 

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