No Mans Land: Checking in with artist Maggie Hayes

It’s been a hectic season but it’s always nice to step back for a moment and take in the work that’s being created every day here in Savannah. Earlier this week I popped by to chat a little about the work of local artist Maggie Hayes and the immense mural she’s currently painting as a part of her upcoming show “No Mans Land”.  With this current body of work, Hayes aims to capture courage and bravery from moments over the last century to push forward and remind people fighting today that overcoming injustices isn’t an overnight thing. 

Pictured here, Hayes puts some of the final touches on her mural “The first Black Heavyweight Champion”. The piece, done in memory of Jack Johnson, serves as a Hayes’s first large scale painting to date. 

The show opens this Friday with a dinner reception. Tickets to that opening are still available but if you can’t make it,  the show will be open from the 13th-19th (with the mural staying up for the next 3-6month).

Be sure to head over to her site to grab your ticket and see some of her work!

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