The 2016 Kennebunkport Festival

For close to a year I’ve been between everything, always on the run, always creating new content, and always meeting new people. In was in this between that I was once again asked to head to Maine to document the Kennebunkport Festival for the Maine Magazine. Set in the picturesque tri-town region of the Kennebunks, the yearly event recognizes the talents of restaurants from all over the state of Maine who descend upon the area to partake in creating amazing food, embracing the beautiful  scenery, and participating in putting on an overall amazingly good time, all of which I should add, exists for the benefit of ending childhood hunger in Maine and on a National scale. My coverage of the event is far more extensive than what you’ll find here but this was my best attempt at recapping what has always been an incredibly fast paced and fun event. 

I hope to see you out next year. 

ps. scroll to the bottom for a video recap. 


For more images and information you can follow these links

Faces Maine -Event photography sponsored by the Maine Media Collective.

Kennebunkport Festival -An idea of what to expect next year. 

No Kid Hungry -One of the weeks national benefactors.

Full Plates Full Potential -One of the weeks State(Maine) benefactors.

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